Infectious Disease Research Institute of Montpellier (IDRIM)

Our research fields cover a wide array of infectious diseases induced by different pathogens including bacteria (Brucella, pathogenic for humans and animals; Coxiella burnetii responsible for Q fever; Mycobacterium tuberculosis) and viruses (retroviruses, emerging viruses, flu and measles viruses).

Understanding of the cellular mechanisms involved in resistance to infections (autophagy, interferon synthesis, cellular restriction factors) is a strong area of our researches too.

This potential of research in bacteriology and virology, combined with our skills in biophysics (especially concerning the remodeling of the plasma membrane) and in molecular modeling contributes to the development of knowledge and tools to struggle against drug resistant pathogens.

The support of our work to technology transfer by filing patents is added to our main objective of publishing our results in the best journals of basic research related to infectious disease research.

Our researchers have access to all experimental facilities required for cutting-edge research owing to Montpellier service platforms. These include L3 safety laboratories, animal facilities (transgenesis, homologous recombination and imaging of small animals), state-of-the-art cell imaging, cytometry and cell sorting, genomics, and proteomics.

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