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Apprentice Researcher

The Apprentice Researcher plan allows pairs consisting of a junior and senior high school students to carry out a research project at IRIM, about a Wednesday afternoon per month, throughout the school year, until a final oral presentation.

This introduction to science through research offers young people exceptional conditions of work, allowing them to apprehend the scientific process and thus develop their taste for science, their critical thinking and knowledge of scientific professions.

This operation was initiated in Montpellier in 2017 by “L’Arbre des Connaissances” in partnership with IRIM and the educational actors of the town. The IRIM welcomes young people from local schools with whom a real collaborative work on the school year is set up thanks to the teachers. A partnership has been established with the Montpellier Academy.

At the end of the school year, in the same way as the researchers, the students will present their results and receive a certificate of initiation to research at a conference of Apprentice Researchers organized at IRIM, offering IRIM the opportunity to open its doors to families, classmates, educational actors and local elected officials.