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The main purpose of the IRIM days is to bring together all the staff of the unit (researchers, technicians from any BAP, students) as well as the staff of the shared services over two days in order to meet and discuss around various and varied scientific subjects.

IRIM Days 2022

After a two-year break, the IRIM days were held this year in Agde. The speakers were Marius Dorobantu, researcher and lecturer in theology & science, and Grégoire Borst, professor of developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience of education.

And the Golden Pipette was awarded to Nathalie Arhel and Sébastien Nisole’s team

The original painting (left) and the team rendition (right)

IRIM Christmas Day 2021

Like last year, the IRIM 2021 days were cancelled. However, the inter-team challenge has been maintained with the theme “The most kitschy Christmas jumper”.

The choice was not easy to make with some presentations that will remain memorable. And in the end the winner was the jumper from the team “Actors in the Pathogenesis of Retroviral Infections”

IRIM days 2020

As a result of the health crisis, the IRIM days 2020 were cancelled. However, the inter-team challenge has been maintained with the theme « Stay United! ». And the winners are:

The most artistic image: Nathalie Arhel and Sébastien Nisole’s team

The best slogan: Martine Biard and Lucile Espert’s team

The funniest image: Caroline Goujon’s team

And the Golden Pipette was awarded to Delphine Muriaux and Cyril Favard’s team

IRIM Days 2019

In 2019, the IRIM days took place in Spain, in Sant Feliùde Guixols.

Speakers were:

  • Alexis Zimmer, philosopher of Sciences
  • Nathaniel Herzberg, scientific journalist at Le Monde.

IRIM Days 2018

In 2018, the IRIM days were held in the Golf-Hotel of Juvignac.

The speakers were:

  • Michel de Lorgeril : « General introduction to the medicine of vaccines »
  • Samuel Alizon : « Reconciliate Pasteur and Darwin, Why and how? »
  • Stanislas Quesada : « Cancer and infectious agents : A brief history of evolution »

IRIM Days 2017

These meetings are done in a spirit of openness to Science, in a deliberately relaxed atmosphere to strengthen the links between the different staff members of IRIM. The external speakers come for free, only transportation, meals and overnight stays are supported by IRIM.

This year the inter-team challenge was a presentation of IRIM in three minutes.

The winning film :

IRIM Days 2015

The first days were organized in 2015 at the Lazaret Center in Sète.

The speakers were:

  • Denis Guthleben : « The crazy history of biology »
  • Sylvie Cattelin : « Serendipity, from the tale to the concept »
  • Christophe Lavelle : « Delicious physics »
  • Screening of the Cécile Denjean’s film: « The belly, our second brain »

IRIM Days 2016

In 2016, we met at the Hamlet of the Star in Saint Martin of London.

The speakers were:

  • Boris Barbour : « What is PubPeer? »
  • François Moutou : « Origin of human infectious diseases »
  • Guillemette Reviron : « Zetetics and intellectual self-defense »
  • The captain’s company: « Can theater bring science to the stage? »

IRIM Days 2017

In 2017, we were at the Camarguais Village in Arles.

The speakers were:

  • Michel Gravereau : « Extraordinary human travel in the solar system »
  • Patrick Lemaire « What differences between scientists and artists »
  • Chantal Abergel « The expanding world of giant viruses »
  • Jean-Sébastien Steyer « How to imagine the animals of the future with speculative biology »
CNRS Training-enterprises

Nathalie Chazal is responsible for “CNRS formation-entreprises” training “Pathogens and containment level 3”.

This training provides the knowledge necessary to implement pathogen manipulations in level 3 containment facilities (L3, A3, I3) .

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