Viral Trafficking, Restriction and Innate Signaling



The VTRIS team is passionate about better understanding how viruses traffic between cellular compartments and the interplay between viruses and innate immunity, both at the level of innate immune cells (dendritic cells, macrophages, innate lymphoid cells) and at the level of signalling pathways that are triggered by foreign pattern recognition within cells. While innate immunity is a powerful first-line defence against pathogens, a response that is too strong or that does not abate, can also be deleterious to the host. These themes are the driving force behind the 3 main projects of our team.


Axis 1- Nuclear trafficking (Nathalie Arhel)

The nuclear pore is the port of passage between the cytoplasm and the nucleus. Our team has several ongoing projects to better understand how nuclear pore biology contributes to infection and immunity.

(1) The nuclear pore is a gate of entry to many viruses that must reach the nucleus to replicate. Using HIV as model, we are seeking to better understand how the nuclear pore contributes to productive infection, focusing both on structural components of the nuclear pore, such as nucleoporins and on soluble transporters such as TRN-1/TNPO1. We then channel this understanding into developing inhibitors of viral nuclear import.

(2) We seek to better understand how genetic disorders of the nuclear pore machinery contribute to disease. Using in vitro models and patient samples, we focus on autosomal dominant mutations in genes coding for components of the nuclear transport machinery, such as karyopherins and nucleoporins, and try to understand how these unbalance our immune response to infection.


Axis 2- Antiviral innate immunity (Sébastien Nisole)

Our team is specialized in rare and highly specialized dendritic cell subtypes.

(1) Langerhans cells and dermal DCs are resident in skin and mucosa. We have several ongoing projects to better understand how these resist viral infection, and whether they can be productively infected and contribute to viral spread. We have a particularly strong interest in arboviruses that are spread by mosquitoes and hence are delivered directly into the skin (West Nile, Usutu, Zika and Dengue viruses) and in HIV-1 which encounters these specialised dendritic cells in mucosa.

(2) Plasmacytoid dendritic cells circulate in blood and are the chief producers of interferon. We have a strong interest in better understanding how these regulate the global antiviral response, for instance following infection by Influenza A virus, and characterising the cellular factors that make them refractory to productive infection.


Axis 3- Alpha Centauri HTS (Nathalie Arhel & Sébastien Nisole)

Our team has developed several assays based on the protein complementation assay to measure changes in subcellular compartments during infection and immunity. These have been designed and miniaturised so they are compatible with the high-throughput screening of chemical libraries. A spin-off start-up company will offer custom-based solutions for clients who seek novel assays to identify modulators of innate immunity based on the nuclear translocation of key transcription factors. Our academic team is pursuing developments by applying these assays to identify broad-spectrum antiviral molecules against a diverse range of RNA viruses including Influenza A virus, West Nile virus, SARS-CoV-2 and HIV-1.

The team in March 2022
From left to right: N. Arhel, E. Arsac,S. Nisole, P. Gonin, A. Decorsière, M. Cartron, A. Vidal, A. Boulay, J. Zoladek, C. Chamontin.

The team in March 2021
From left to right: C. Chamontin, N. Arhel, S. Nisole, M.F. Martin, H. Abiven, G. Maarifi, J. Fernandez, P. Nouaux, E. Gerber-Tichet, A. Boulay, Q. Hertel, F. Blanchet.

Team members

 Nathalie Arhel - CNRS tenured researcher, Team leader

 Sébastien Nisole - INSERM tenured researcher, Team leader

 Adrien Decorsière
 - CNRS tenured researcher

 Jim Zoladek - Postdoc, ANR

 Sophie Desgraupes - Postdoc, ANR

 Suzon Perrin - Technician

 Inès Bribes - PhD student, Montpellier University

 Marion Cannac - Master student, ENS Lyon

 Thomas Léocadie - Master student, ENS Saclay

 Emmanuel Quevarec - Master student, ENSCM

 Benoît Gouy - Master student, ENS Lyon

 Chloé Fournie - Master student, Montpellier University


Past members (VTRIS Alumni)

 Célia Chamontin
- Technician, Montpellier University, 2017-2022

 Pauline Gonin,
 Master student (Montpellier University), 2022

 Matéo Cartron
, Master student (Rennes University), 2022

 Emma Arsac
, Master student (Montpellier University), 2022

 Amélie Vidal
, Master student (Montpellier University), 2022

 Aude Boulay
, Technician, Sidaction, 2020-2022

 Ghizlane Maarifi
, Postdoc ANRS, 2019-2021

 Marie-France Martin
, PhD student, Labex EpiGenMed, 2018-2021

 Fabien Blanchet
, INSERM tenured researcher, 2019-2022

 Quentin Hertel
, PhD student, 2020-2022

 Camille Talercio
, Master student (Montpellier University), 2021-2022

 Elina Gerber-Tichet
, Master student (Montpellier University), 2021

 Pierre Nouaux, Research assistant, SATT AxLR, 2021

Hervé Abiven
, 5th year student (Ecole de Biologie Industrielle), 2021

 Juliette Fernandez
, PhD student, Sidaction / Research assistant, SATT AxLR, 2017-2021

 Sarah Maillet, PhD student, ANRS, 2017-2020

 Carla Alemany, Bachelor student (Montpellier University), 2020

 Lina Lapeyre, Master student (Montpellier University), 2020

 Anne-Claire Aurilio, Master student (Montpellier University), 2019-2020

 Justine Lagisquet, Research assistant, 2017-2019

 Willy Lutz, Bachelor student (Nîmes University), 2019

 Richard de Reuver, Master student Erasmus (Leiden University, The Netherlands), 2018

 Samah Sharif, Master student (Montpellier University), 2018

 Abderezak Zebboudj, Postdoc, 2017-2018

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  • Sara SALINAS & Yannick SIMONIN, INSERM U1058, Montpellier
  • Nadir MECHTI & Georges LUTFALLA, DIMNP, Montpellier
  • Matteo BONAZZI, Caroline GOUJON & OLivier MONCORGE, IRIM, Montpellier
  • Sébastien LYONNAIS & Delphine MURIAUX, CEMIPAI, Montpellier


  • Jean-Philippe HERBEUVAL, Faculté des Saints-Pères, Paris
  • Nicolas LEVEQUE & Charles BODET, CHU de Poitiers
  • Etienne DECROLY, AFMB, Marseille
  • Pierre-Olivier VIDALAIN, CIRI, Lyon
  • Anne-Sophie BEIGNON, CEA Fontenay-aux-Roses
  • Jean-Pierre LEVRAUD, Institut Pasteur, Paris


  • Franck KIRCHHOFF, Institute of Molecular Virology, Ulm, Germany
  • Yohei YAMAUCHI, Medical School, University of Bristol, UK
  • Sam WILSON, Centre for Virus Research, Glasgow, UK
  • Dominique GARCIN, Université de Genève, Switzerland
  • Pepe ALCAMI, Centro Nacional de Microbiología, Madrid, Spain

- December 2022: Celebration of Célia Chamontin's promotion with colleagues.

- September 2022: 
It came back to us… our own, our precious!! The golden pipette is ours once again!

The VTRIS team wins the IRIM 2022 photography contest with this photo.

- August 2022:
New postdoc position in our team!

- June 2022: 
Our paper recently published in Cell Chem Biol (see previous post) was featured in This Week In Virology!!

Click below to watch Vincent Racaniello and his co-hosts explain our paper and the Alpha Centauri technology (starting at 39'55'') :

- June 2022: 
Another triple combo for the VTRIS team, with 3 papers published in a row... !!

- Mars 2022: 
Nathalie Arhel presents her latest work during the Sidaction's Scientific Day at the Pasteur Institute.

- March 2022:
Today, it's carnival in the lab!!

- November 2021: 
The VTRIS team is very happy to welcome a new researcher, Adrien Decorsiere. Adrien is interested in extrachromosomal gene transcription, such as Hepatitis B Virus episomes, and enjoys exploring new technologies to study RNA dynamics. Welcome Adrien, we’re really looking forward to working with you!

- October 2021:
We recruit!

- April 2021:
Our start-up project, Alpha Centauri, makes headlines in the local newspaper.

- March 2021: 
A beautiful morning away from the lab.

- November 2020:
Congratulations to Sarah Maillet on a great remote PhD defense!

- July 2020:
Quentin Hertel obtains a 3-year Ph.D. fellowship from the competitive CBS2 doctoral school. Well done Quentin!! We are glad to keep you in the lab!

- June 2020: 
A big thanks to the ANR and the Region Occitanie for financing our project Alpha-CoV, which aims to implement a fast and reliable assay for the high-throughput screening of antiviral molecules active against SARS-CoV-2.


- March/April 2020:
The VTRIS team is staying in touch during lockdown.

- February 2020:
Juliette Fernandez receives the 2019 i-PhD trophy from Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. Many congratulations, Juliette !!

The 29 laureates of the i-PhD trophy

- February 2020:
Nathalie Arhel and Sébastien Nisole are attending the Viruses - Novel Concepts in Virology conference in Barcelona.

Can you spot us?

Nathalie chairing the session "Viral genetics and evolution"

- November 2019: 
Many congratulations to the newly minted Dr Juliette Fernandez, who successfully defended her PhD! We’re all proud of you, Juliette!


- October 2019: 
Sébastien Nisole is Guest Editor of a Special Issue entitled "Intrinsic Antiviral Factors" to be published in Viruses. Submissions are now open and we are looking forward to your contributions!

Deadline: November 1, 2020

For further information please visit the website of the Special Issue:

- September 2019:
 After 3 years of trying, the highly coveted IRIM golden pipette is ours...!!!
It came to us, our own, our love... our precioussss!!

The VTRIS team wins the IRIM 2019 photography contest with this photo:

The Making-of:

- September 2019: Triple combo after a summer of revisions: the VTRIS team has 3 papers currently in press... watch out our webpage for an update!

- July 2019:
Sarah Maillet, Célia Chamontin and Juliette Fernandez join the dIRIM Team for CNRS's 80th anniversary challenge.

- March 2019:
IRIM is well represented at the French virology meeting (Journées Francophones de Virologie) in Lyon. Juliette Fernandez presented our work on the role of TNPO1 in HIV-1 uncoating and nuclear import.

- March 2019:
Nathalie Arhel, Célia Chamontin and Sébastien Nisole join the IRIM Greyhound team for the relay marathon of Montpellier! 42.2km in 3h 53min.... well done greyhounds!!

- January 2019:
2019 starts off well for Fabien Blanchet, who obtained a 2-year grant from the ANRS to pursue his exciting research on HIV-1 restriction in Langerhans cells. Well done, Fabien!

- December 2018: 
Christmas came early this year with the arrival of a new PI in our team! Fabien Blanchet is a tenured INSERM researcher and specialist of myeloid cells, antiviral immunity and HIV biology. He is joining us together with Ghizlane Maarifi, postdoctoral fellow financed by ANRS. A warm welcome to you both, we're delighted to have you!

- December 2018:
Nathalie Arhel and Sébastien Nisole are attending the Immunotherapies for Infectious Diseases congress in Lyon, France.

- October 2018: 
The VTRIS team at the IRIM's cooking contest.

from left to right: J. Fernandez, S. Maillet, G. Maarifi

- September 2018: Nathalie Arhel organizes a very stimulating workshop at Domaine de Verchant, with the support of ANR.

- June 2018:  Marie-France Martin has been awarded a 3-year Ph.D. grant from the Labex EpigenMed to study the innate immune response to arboviruses in human immune cells. Congratulation and welcome Marie-France!

- May 2018: Juliette Fernandez organizes Montpellier's first ever Young Research Apprentices symposium on behalf of the "Arbre des Connaissances" association. Teenagers were given the opportunity to discover lab work throughout their school year, then presented their results before their families and teachers during a friendly symposium held in the CNRS amphitheatre. A huge thank you to all IRIM teams who welcomed these budding scientists in their labs.

- April 2018: The VTRIS members join the IRIM team for the "Ruée des Fadas", an 8 km obstacle race.

- April 2018: The team welcomes Richard de Reuver, an Erasmus Master student from the Netherlands, who comes for a 6-month internship. Welcome Richard!

- February 2018: Nathalie Arhel and Sébastien Nisole are attending the "Viruses - Breakthroughs in Viral Replication" conference in Barcelona.

Can you find us?

- October 2017:
 The VTRIS team wins second prize for the 3-min video contest illustrating life at IRIM. We've got our sights set on first prize for next year's challenge -the highly coveted golden pipette!

Left picture, from left to right: S. Maillet, J. Fernandez, C. Chamontin, A. Zebboudj, J. Lagisquet
Right picture: S. Maillet and J. Fernandez 

- October 2017: The VTRIS team is happy to welcome two new members, Abderezak Zebboudj (postdoc) and Justine Lagisquet (Research assistant). Welcome Zak and Justine!

- September 2017: The VTRIS team welcomes Célia Chamontin who joins the team as a permanent research assistant (Montpellier University). We're happy to have you Célia!

- June 2017: Sarah Maillet obtains a 3-year Ph.D. grant from the ANRS to investigate the molecular mechanism of the inhibition of HIV-1 reverse-transcription by the cellular protein Daxx. Well done, Sarah!

- May 2017: The VTRIS team on its first escape game.

From left to right: S. Nisole, N. Arhel, C. Chamontin, J. Fernandez, S. Maillet

- April 2017: The VTRIS team participates in a giant human chain to spell the word "Science" in Montpellier's main square. We're in the second "C" of "Science" on this satellite picture.

- March 2017: Juliette Fernandez holds the Sidaction stand with Véronique in the IRIM lobby.

- January 2017:  VTRIS Lab-warming party!

- January 2017: Juliette Fernandez obtains a 3-year PhD grant from the Sidaction to develop new tools to investigate HIV nuclear import. Well done, Juliette!

- January 2017: Inauguration of the Viral Trafficking, Restriction and Innate Signaling laboratory (VTRIS) at IRIM, Montpellier.

Team leaders

Nathalie Arhel

CNRS tenured researcher

Sébastien Nisole

INSERM tenured researcher


At a glance

The VTRIS team was created on January 1st 2017, following an international call for senior group leaders from the IRIM institute. It is supported by the regional excellence consortium (Labex) EpiGenMed.




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