RNA viruses and metabolism

Viruses have a limited number of genes and need to divert the metabolism of their hosts for their own replication. Identification of cellular factors allowing the host to control the viral replication cycle is therefore a major issue to fight these pathogens. Our lab is interested in RNA viruses responsible for worldwide epidemics including AIDS viruses and emerging Chikingunya and Zika viruses. We are using genetic screens as well as imaging and molecular virology technics in order to identify genes involved in the susceptibility or resistance of viral infections and to decipher the mechanisms governing these processes. These approaches will also allow us to define the physiologic functions of these factors and to evaluate the impact of their dysfunction induced by these viruses.

Our projects are :

1- Identification of cofactors involved in Chikungunya and Zika arbovirus replication

* Structure et biogenesis of replication complexes at the host plama membrane .

* Role of cellular RNA helicases in RNA arbovirus transcription translation.

2 - Understanding the antiviral mecanisms targetting retroviral capsids

* Deciphering  TRIM5alpha restiction using genetic screens.

* Identification of a novel antiviral protein in primate SIV transmission to humans.

3 - Study of viral interference to cellular metabolisme

* Epitranscriptomic et epigenetic modifications during neuroinfection ; consequences on viral replication and antiviral responses.

* Role the XPR1 retroviral receptor in phosphate homeostasis and calcification. Association of XPR1 to primary Familial Brain Calcification 
Key words :
Host-pathogen interaction, viral replication virale, restriction, arbovirus, lentivirus, genetic screens, phosphate metabolism, calcification, neuroinfection.


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  • Sara SALINAS, INSERM U, Montpellier
  • Caroline GOUJON, IRIM UMR9004, Montpellier
  • Marc SITBON, IGMM UMR 5535, Montpellier
  • Patrick BRON, CBS, CNRS UMR 5048, INSERM U 1054, Montpellier
  • Jean-marie PELOPONESE, IRIM UMR9004, Montpellier


  • Bruno COUTARD, AFMB CNRS UMR7257, Marseille     
  • Nadia RABAH, AFMB CNRS UMR7257, Marseille
  • Gaël Nicolas, U1245 INSERM, CHU Rouen 


  • Geir SLUPPHAUG, NTNU, Trondeihm, Norway
  • Andrès MERITS, University Tartu, Estonia
  • Giovanni COPPOLA, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA         

Team members

Laurence Briant– Research director-CNRS

Jean-Luc Battini– Research director-INSERM

Patrick Eldin- Staff scientist CNRS

Aymeric Neyret- Engineer-UM

Eric Bernard- Engineer-CNRS

Justine Girard - Doctorant

Olivier Aiqui - Doctorant

Arnaud Lecante - Doctorant

Lise Holsteyn - Contracted Engineer

Lise Chauveau - Post-doctorant


 They worked with us

  • Camille Clop (BTS then technician)
  • Yolande Provot (BTS)
  • Bernard Gay (maître de conférence)
  • Simon Fontanel (Contracted Engineer)
  • Elodie Couderc (Master 2)
  • Marie France Martin (Master 2)
  • Lina Castaño (Master 2)
  • Joe McKellar (Master 1)
  • Sona Allahverdiyeva (Master 1)
  • Roy Matkovic (doctorant)
  • Charline Giroud (doctorante)
  • Lou Etcheberry (Master 1)
  • William Bakhache (doctorant)
  • Sandrine Tury (post-doctorante)
  • Emilie Brouat (Master 1)


Laurence BRIANT

Research director-CNRS
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Jean-Luc Battini

Research director-INSERM
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Model organisms

  • ARN virus
  • Arbovirus (Chikungunya, Zika)
  • Lentivirus ((VIH, VIS)

Biological process studied

  • Viral replication
  • Membrane remodeling
  • Cellular metabolism
  • Phosphate Homeostasis
Techiniques used
  • Genetic screenings
  • Confocal and electronic microscopies
  • Molecular virology

Medical applications

  • Therapeutic screening of viral infections
  • Genetic diseases and brain calcification



















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