Membrane Domains and Viral Assembly

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Congrats to Delphine Muriaux et Sébastien Lyonnais (CEMIPAI) for their outstanding talk during the Bruker webinar. Wonderful quantitative images at nm scale of numerous infectious viruses.

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Oct 2019 - HIV-1 makes its own lipid bed from the lymphocyte plasma membrane to promote virus assembly. (October 2019)

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Our team study the respective roles of virus capsid or matrix proteins and host cells lipids and lipid organisation in the assembly and budding of RNA envelopped viruses.

We adress 5 main questions:

  1. Lipid sorting during HIV-1 Gag self-assembly.
  2. Single Gag dynamics during HIV-1 Gag assembly in CD4+ T-Cells.
  3. Cortical actin dynamic and membrane curvature during virus assembly.
  4. Role of matrix M protein and cellular co-factors in influenza virus assembly.
  5. HIV-1 single viral particles assembly monitored by atomic force microscopy.

1.Lipid sorting during HIV-1 Gag self-assembly.

We have previously shown that MLV assembly is induced by interaction of Gag matrix domain (MA) with PS-PIP2 lipids of the plasma membrane. (Hamard-Péron et al., 2010 ; Hamard-Péron & Muriaux, 2011). Instead of assembling in pre-existing plasma membrane domains, such as “rafts”, we proposed that the self assembly of HIV-1 Gag will induce the generation of acidic lipids enriched nanodomains at the plasma membrane of the host cells. (Kerviel et al., 2013, Yandapalli et al., 2014 and Mariani et al., 2014).

Using in silico coarse grained mecular dynamics, we proposed a new model of interaction of HIV-1 matrix domain (MA) of Gag with lipid membranes. In this new model, the sn-2 acyl chain of the PIP2 stays within the lipid membrane and the MA is surrounded by PIP2 and PS, as it is the case for MLV. (Charlier et al., 2014). This was experimentally confirmed later on by new NMR data. (Mercredi et al., 2016)


In vitro, using full length purified Gag and model lipid membrane with tuned compostions to mimic either « ratfs » containing plasma membrane or inner leaflet of plasma membrane, we showed that HIV-1 Gag self-assembly induced the formation of PIP2/Cholesterol enriched nanodomains. We also showed that sphingomyelin was excluded from these Gag self-assembly generated lipid nanodomains.  (Yandrapalli et al., 2016).   

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2. Single Gag dynamics during HIV-1 Gag assembly in CD4+ T-Cells.

We are monitoring the time-course of HIV-1 assembly in living CD4 T cells, by observing and quantifying hundreds of thousands of individual Gag molecules motions (Mariani et al., 2016, see cover on the right).

Using dedicated motion analysis and big data algorithms, we could build maps of densities, diffusion, trapping energies and we observe their temporal changes in and out the budding sites (Floderer et al., 2018)

(Collaboration with teams of JB Sibarita (IINS, Bordeaux), M. Dahan (Institut Curie, Paris) and J.B. Masson (Institut Pasteur)).

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3. Cortical actin dynamic and membrane curvature during virus assembly.

We have previously shown that the CD81 tetraspanin played a role in HIV-1 assembly in CD4 T cells (Grigorov et al., 2009) and that the clathrin mediated endocytosis played a role in CD4 cell to cell HIV-1 transmission (Bosch et al., 2008). We recently shown that one of the main regulator of cortical actin network and membrane curvature played a role in HIV-1 assembly and release in CD4 T cells (Thomas et al., 2015).

From Mariani et al., 2014.

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4. Role of matrix M protein and cellular co-factors in influenza virus assembly.

We are studying the role played by matrix proteins (M1 and M2) in the plasma membrane assembly of H1N1 influenza virus. M1 was shown to be necessary for viral assembly. We have recently shown that an arginine triplet (R76/77/78) of M1 was necessary for its plasma membrane localisation and for viral infectivity (Collaboration O.Moncorgé, IRIM and P. Roingeard, Tours University). Meanwhile, we also defined a minimal system for non infectious virus like particle (VLP) (Kerviel, Dash et al., 2016).

5. HIV-1 single viral particles assembly monitored by atomic force microscopy.

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In bold type lab members.


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Current Team Members (2020-2021)

  • Jittendriya Swain - Post Doc Membrane Biophysics and Virology
  • Rayane Dibsy - Ph.D. Student CBS2 Montpellier.
  • Manon Gourdelier - Ph.D. Student  CBS2 Montpellier.
  • Anita Mouttou - Ph.D. Student CBS2 Montpellier.
  • Coline Arone Ph.D. Student CBS2 Montpellier.
  • David Bracquemond - Chemistry Engineer CNRS, ENS Chimie Montpellier.
  • Erwan Bremaud - Master internship Chemistry, ENS Chimie Montpellier






  • Shantoshini Dash - Ph.D. CBS2 Montpellier, Now Post-Doc Pennsylvania University
  • Elise Boilley - Master EPHE Paris Sorbonne. Consultant for Efor Lyon
  • Salma Guerfallah - Master Infectious Disease, Univ. Montpellier
  • Aida Houhou - Master Biopysics Univ. Montpellier
  • Sarah Hadouch - B. Sc. Chemistry
  • Mélanie Amigues - Biotechnology Technician, CNRS


  • Charlotte Mariani, Ph.D. "Quantifying the nano-dynamic of HIV-1 Gag protein on the plasma membrane of T-Cells during viral assembly." Now Bioprocess Validation Specialist @ Merck Inc.
  • Naresh Yandrapalli, Ph.D., "Role of HIV-1 Gag protein multimerization in the generation of nanodomains in lipid membranes", Now Post-Doc at Max Planck Institute Postdam.
  • Julien Noero, Master Biophysics NUM
  • Lisa Morichon, Biotechnology Technician Student


  • Nathalie Gros, Lab Manager, Now CNRS Permanent position at CNRS at Cemipai.
  • Alexis Chesseron, Master Physics of the living systems, NUM
  • Jordan Tremolet, Biotechnology Technician Student

  • Jan Prchal - Visiting Scientist - Sanofi Price - Institute of Chemical Technology - Prague (CZ)
  • Rony Midahuen - Master Biotechnology.


  •  Audrey Thomas - Ph.D. Student.

  • Sophie Guillaume - B Sc Chemistry

  • Alexandre Pasquiou – Master Biological Imaging (Nice, Zeiss Fellowship) - Now @ Amplitech
  • Taoufik Lahdidioui - Master Software Engineering (Montpellier)


  •  Charlotte Berliat –Engineer Chemistry/Physics/Electronics Lyon - Now @ Laboratoire Aguettant

  • Fatimata Diagne – Master EPHE.

  • Stéphane Pelletier - BSc Cell Biology

  • Elise Faye - BSc Chemistry


Team Leader

Delphine Muriaux

Research Director CNRS,
Head of CEMIPAI facilities,

Cyril Favard

Research Engineer CNRS,



At a Glance

We aim at characterizing the respective roles of viral proteins and host-cell lipids or sub-plasma membrane constituents during the assembly of enveloped viruses affecting human beings (such as HIV-1 and influenza viruses).

We are biologists and biophysicists using multi-disciplinary approaches.


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Institut de Recherche en Infectiologie de Montpellier
UMR 9004 - CNRS / UM
1919 route de Mende - 34293 Montpellier cedex 5